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CleanInvestor is releasing $400,000 worth of annual income to New Approved Franchisees. It is all Office Cleaning / Commercial cleaning performed after hours with key access. Approximately 50 clients that has been managed by us for 8-13 years now.

The release is for clients in South West Sydney (Campbelltown and surrounding areas) and I am looking for Franchisees that live within this area or currently working in this area that is interested in starting a cleaning business, extend existing cleaning business, or looking for side income.

With cleaning franchises prices starting at $6500 for $284 of weekly income to large cleaning franchises with price tags of $80k for $3000 in weekly income and everything in between for all budgets. Start little and buy more later when you feel more comfortable.

As an approved franchisee all income is guaranteed for 12 months so feel at ease. Paying a low 8% franchise fee and grow with the fastest growing commercial cleaning franchise in Sydney.

Interested parties must sign Confidentiality Agreements providing proof of identity.

Sanitation worker walking down corridor
1. You know your office cleaner wipes down the rubbish bin, as that sauce you spilt on there is gone with all the other grubby marks on the flapping lid.

2. There is no smell in the microwave nor is there any for scraps on the door or roof inside.

3. The cleaner puts little triangles on the toilet paper in the bathrooms, like in 5 star hotels.

4. As you walk in the office each morning it smells fresh and clean, you must have just missed them.

5. You get emails from the cleaning company you use as the cleaner recommended you to get the carpet cleaned as those stains they vacuum everyday does not come out.

6. The rubbish is taken out everyday and that chewing gum on the bottom of the bin bag is not there from yesterday.

7. The fridge gets cleaned out on the weekends so you know the left overs from Friday won’t be there on Monday.

8. The cleaning company’s prices haven’t changed ever since you started using them, 5 years ago. If it has, it hasn’t increased by more than 5-10%.

9. The quality of the cleaning remains as good as it was on the first day, you low they are working harder today than ever before as you appreciate that.

10. You know it is the same cleaner in your office everyday as they always do that same thing that you have grown to appreciate.

11. You know the name, number and email of the cleaner.

12. The cleaner cleans the bosses house too.

Wait, they don’t do that? Call us now on 1300 50 55 50 for an obligation free quote. With our quotes made easy strategy, you tell us how we can save you 5-10% off your cleaning bill and it shall be done!

6th May 2013- Franchise Council of Australia

CleanInvestor has becomes of member of the Franchise Council of Australia.

FCA Logo

Franchise Council of Australia objectives are to:

  • To establish standards of international best practice in business format franchising for Australian franchise systems;
  • To provide information and education about franchising to existing and potential franchisees and franchisors;
  • To educate state and federal governments on issues relevant to the sector
  • To develop a vital, strong and financially viable franchising sector;
  • To advance the interests of members in Australia and in special interest markets such as the international franchise community, Franchise Advisory Councils, Small Business Forums and property leasing organisations (particularly shopping centres).
  • To continually foster among consumers, governments and the business community, a broad-based understanding of the economic importance of having a strong franchising sector in Australia.
  • To design efficient, identified, value-added services to members and assist them to be more effective in franchising.


The commercial cleaning industry’s first truly strategic business partnership model, CleanInvestor has launched in Sydney.

CleanInvestor is a commercial cleaning company that offers both a cleaning service plus an option to invest in the client’s business.

It works by providing cash injections to new, moving or renovating businesses that are looking to grow and give their business a competitive edge. In return, the business is asked to engage CleanInvestor for all their commercial cleaning needs.

According to Basil Miranda, a well – presented business is the first step to business success.

“Having worked in my own commercial cleaning business for over ten years, I understand the connection between a well-presented workplace and a successful business,” says Mr Miranda. “By financially investing in a business, we become more dedicated to ensuring that business’s presentation and success.”

The amount of money businesses can apply for depends on its weekly cleaning requirements.

“If a business spends $1,000 a week on cleaning,” says Mr Miranda “then CleanInvestor may inject up to $15,000 into the business for things such as tiling, furniture and renovations. Through our investment, we move from being just another supplier to a dedicated business partner”.

According to Mr Miranda, cash injections are an age-old marketing tactic that is a first for the cleaning industry.

“Investing in another business is a marketing strategy that has been used successfully in other industries for years,” he says. “However, this is definitely a first for the cleaning industry.”

For more information contact:

Basil Miranda
0410 776 397