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Benefits of buying a CleanInvestor franchise

If you have ever thought about owning your own business, here are some reasons why a CleanInvestor franchise is a wise choice.

CleanInvestor is the only commercial cleaning business that truly partners with its clients. By doing this we:

  • Are financially vested in our clients business success, growth and continuity
  • Take ownership of the cleanliness in our client’s business, treating it like our own
  • Build continual relationships and loyalty with our clients

Other benefits include:

  • Demand
    Commercial cleaning is a healthy industry with increasing demand
  • A sound and sustainable business model
    CleanInvestor is a more sound and sustainable business model than any other cleaning franchise. Plus, franchise businesses have a 2-3 times greater chance of success than other small business start-ups.
  • Economic Advantage
    Unlike many sectors that are heavily influenced by downturns to the economy, statistics show commercial cleaning isn’t.
  • Potential income
    You can choose the income level that best suits you. With an average income of $52,000 p/a the potential is unlimited
  • Lower royalties
    CleanInvestor offers the lowest royalties of any other cleaning franchise
  • No restrictions on territory
    You can choose to work where you want
  • Ongoing relationships
    We work hard to ensure the relationship between client and franchisee is long-lasting and mutually beneficial
  • Financial incentives
    We encourage our franchisees to increase their client base with strong financial incentives
  • Financial guarantee
    We provide financial guarantees on all new business relationships
  • Flexible hours
    Choose to work whichever hours and days you want to suit your lifestyle
  • Ongoing support
    We provide ongoing support for all accounting, legal and HR matters
  • Training
    CleanInvestor provides training and advice in commercial cleaning and running your own business


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