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Franchising FAQ

Does the franchisor have its own cleaning contracts?
Yes it does.
Who pays for the funding? Is it me (the franchisee) or you (the franchisor)?
It is the franchisor that provides the cash injections for our client’s business. We believe that by investing in their business, we are investing in the success of yours too.
Who owns the business relationship with the clients?
The Relationship Agreement is with the franchisor and sold to the franchisee. The franchisee then has a duty to maintain that relationship and ensure its continuing success.
How can I grow my business?
Unlike other commercial cleaning franchises, we have many options to grow your business including the purchasing of more guaranteed income, through the referrals of new clients and franchisees, introducing a specialty under the CleanInvestor Network or finding new clients directly.
If I find new client myself, do I have to pay the franchisor anything?
No, although as part of the franchise you are required to pay the ongoing franchise and marketing fees on gross income.
Can I sign up clients under the CleanInvestor Partnership Agreement?
No, the CleanInvestor Partnership Agreement is exclusive to the franchisor as it involves a lengthy process of application, risk analysis and due diligence.
Can I invest in clients directly to establish new relationships?
Yes, but it is not recommended.
When I buy a CleanInvestor Franchise, do you guarantee my income?
Yes, depending on your investment level, we will secure your guaranteed income for up to 2 years or the doubling of your initial investment (whichever comes first).
How does CleanInvestor guarantee my income?
We have solid internal financial and operating policies and procedures set up to ensure contingencies are in place should your client wish to cancel our partnership agreement.
I am an investor and want to invest in a franchise business but I don't want to clean, can I do it?


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